Finding Miracles in Everyday Life

What Is a Miracle?

We as a whole know what a wonder is, isn’t that so? Moses separating the Red Sea. The Savior offering sight to a visually impaired man. A lady being relieved from a terminal sickness. One of the most exceptional wonders is the Atonement of Jesus Christ—no supernatural occurrence has ever been so broad or incredible. In any case, are those the main kinds of encounters that could be viewed as supernatural occurrences?

President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency, stated, “Numerous marvels happen each day in crafted by our Church and in the lives of our members.”1 But when was the last time you moved a mountain or saw a couple of fish and a couple of portions of bread feed thousands? The majority of us presumably haven’t seen anything like that. So by what method can President Oaks’ announcement be valid?

As per the Bible Dictionary, marvels are “appearances of awesome or otherworldly power.”2 With that definition, we should make us fully aware of the numerous supernatural occurrences that encompass us—wonders that we probably won’t perceive.

We unquestionably observe God’s deliver the lives of His kin through the supernatural occurrences in the sacred writings. In any case, we can likewise observe His otherworldly force when we get a response to a supplication, reinforce our declarations, or have a difference in heart.

In any case, there are different supernatural occurrences that we will in general overlook: The sun rises and sets every day; little seeds develop into compelling trees; the numerous segments of our body cooperate, empowering us to inhale, run, dream, and eat. Roused progresses in medication and innovation are going on consistently, and we would now be able to speak with nearly anybody anyplace. God’s capacity can be found in everything about our lives.

For what reason Does God Perform Miracles?

Supernatural occurrences come in numerous structures, however God performs them for a similar by and large purposes. Once in a while supernatural occurrences mend, comfort, or truly ensure God’s youngsters, however these outward impacts are not by any means the only purpose behind marvels. Regularly, a supernatural occurrence doesn’t forestall enduring or disaster by any stretch of the imagination. God performs marvels for two fundamental reasons: to reinforce confidence and to achieve great.

Frequently, supernatural occurrences show God’s capacity to His kids or show a profound standard. The Bible Dictionary says that Jesus Christ’s numerous supernatural occurrences “were planned to be a proof to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ” and to show standards, for example, responsibility, atonement, confidence, and love.3

Different occasions, wonders can affirm a past disclosure, for example, the indications of Christ’s introduction to the world in the Americas. God can likewise utilize wonders to propel His work—family ancestry work, evangelist work, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Be that as it may, in the event that we look for marvels for an inappropriate reasons, we can run into inconvenience. The most widely recognized issue comes on the off chance that we look for signs as verification of God’s presence. On the off chance that we don’t add any confidence to the condition, these signs won’t ever lead to genuine, enduring transformation. Simply look what occurred in the Book of Mormon: numerous individuals saw signs and marvels, yet without confidence, their submission was fleeting.

It would likewise not be right to look for supernatural occurrences for prevalence or cash, for seeking after retribution, or for attempting to change God’s will.

President Brigham Young (1801–77) instructed, “Wonders … are not for the unbeliever; they are to support the Saints, and to fortify and affirm the confidence of the individuals who love, dread, and serve God.”4 Understanding why God performs marvels can assist us with remembering them in our own lives.

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